Boiler Ratings

All boilers have energy efficiency ratings, which determine how environmentally friendly they are and how efficiently they will consume fuel. The energy ratings for boilers are known as SAP (SAP Seasonal Efficiency) and SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK) ratings.

The SAP rating will be numerical between 0-100 (100 being the most energy efficient score possible). The SEDBUK rating will be alphabetical with a scale between A-G (A being the most efficient).

The below table shows what letter (SEDBUK rating) applies to each numbered range (SAP rating).

A 90% and above
B 86% – 90%
C 82% – 86%
D 78% – 82%
E 78% – 82%
F 70% – 74%
G below 70%

The boiler list section is broken down alphabetically to show all boilers in the order of manufacturer. Click on one of the letters below to start your search.

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The list can be used to research the SAP rating of your current boiler and/or collate a list of boilers with the most favourable SAP number (the higher, the more energy efficient).

If your current boiler is in the D-G range you should consider buying a new more energy efficient boiler as this will save you money on your heating bills of if you have a broken boiler you should definitely consider the British Gas HomeCare scheme. We have a full section detailing the merits of HomeCare if you have a broken boiler or you are concerned about boiler maintenance.

When considering buying a new boiler you should always aim to buy one with the highest SEDBUK rating possible. British Gas often have large discounts on offer for new boilers so it is worth visiting their British Gas boiler offers page to see if you can pick up a cheap boiler deal and also compare boiler quotes from a range of suppliers and fitters.