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The information provided on this website is provided free of charge and in good faith. We cannot accept any liability of any kind arising either directly or indirectly through the use of any of the information provided on this website, or as a result of the any errors or omissions in the information provided.

Any safety information provided is not necessarily an exhaustive list of precautions. Site conditions vary and you should always consult a qualified professional to ensure that the information provided here applies to you before following any of the instructions provided on this website. It is vital that you take all available steps to maintain your safety and that of others when undertaking any work.

Even the most competent DIY enthusiasts make mistakes and projects do go wrong – sometimes at great expense – you are strongly advised to research any project thoroughly, liaising with the relevant tradesmen or qualified professionals before any work is undertaken and proceeding with caution even then.

Some of the information provided assumes a cetain degree of DIY knowledge or expertise – you should not assume that you possess them! All of the information provided assumes a certain degree of common sense!

If you are unsure you should ask a qualified professional for advice or get them to do the work for you!

The information provided is specific to the UK. Use of documented materials, processes or standards in countries outside the UK may breach building or safety regulations in your country and this should be researched prior to following any advice given. Any mention of specific products, whether commercially available to the general public or ‘trade only’ does not constitute a recommendation of any kind.