Home Conversions Introduction

For most homeowners the easiest and cheapest way to increase space and the value of a property is to undertake one or more different types of home conversion such as converting a garage into a living space or starting a loft conversion.

By converting space within your home that may not have been needed or was being used in an inefficient manner into something more usable for you and your needs you negate having to move house to find that extra space and when you come to sell your property a well done conversion will only add to the value of your property on the market.

We provide detailed instructions on how to plan your conversion such as checklists to follow, the typical building regulations that you would need to follow to be compliant in your conversion work, whether to undertake the work as a DIY project or if you want to hire a professional what you need to look out for when you get a quote for a loft conversion, garage conversion or for new garage doors.

Guides in this section include –

Advice on loft conversions
A guide to garage conversions
Replacing garage doors