How To Keep Your Home Safe and Secure from Intruders

securityUnfortunately we live in an age where crime and particularly theft are commonplace and there are simple practical steps that we can all take to minimise the risk of us becoming victims of crime.

Most burglars gain entry to your home through an unsecured door or window and so it makes sense to make these our primary focus when looking to secure our homes and reduce the risk of us being targeted, however this is not the only thing that we can do to make our homes more secure and to deter the would-be thief.

We will be dealing predominantly with aiming to reduce your risk of burglary and have broken our advice down into the following sections with more to come:

Securing windows and doors

A guide to making your home less penetrable to intruders.

Burglar alarms

Information on the types of alarm available and general advice.

External security measures

Advice on external lighting and securing outbuildings.