A Guide To Getting A Boiler Installation Quote

It is important when seeking a quote for a replacement boiler that you not only get the best boiler for your particular needs but also the boiler that will save you money on the long run by being energy efficient.

The boiler installer that you choose to employ will be able to advise you on a full range of issues surrounding a new boiler such as the applicable costs of the boiler, boiler installation costs, energy efficiency of the boiler and an area which is sometimes overlooked is whether there are any special deals available such as energy efficiency grants or boiler scrappage deals which will essentially pay you money to take away and replace an old boiler with a new energy efficient one.

We would suggest that you read through the boilers section on cus.net to give you an idea of the types of boilers that are available on the market and what you should be looking for when considering a new boiler.

There are no hard and fast rules when getting quotes for a boiler installation but our recommendations when considering quotes are as follows:

Boiler quote guidelines

Get between 3 to 4 different quotes from approved local installers. You will find that you will get a more competitive price from a local boiler installer as they will all be vying for your business and you may well get a faster installation time.

Provided that the contractors are GAS SAFE registered there shouldn’t be a risk with employing a local firm.

You may want to ask any prospective installer the following questions so that you can be sure to get a good installer and they will know that you’ve done your homework.

  • Can you give me a start date and a completion date for my boiler installation?
  • Are there any grants or boiler scrappage schemes that can save me money?
  • Does your work comply with all statutory requirements such as GAS SAFE, Building Regulations and all relevant codes of practice?

After you have submitted your request for a boiler quote

Now that you have sent your boiler quote form you will usually be contacted with a request for additional details about the work that is to be undertaken if more clarification is needed and once any and all relevant information has been collected your request will be submitted to a maximum of 4 local boiler installation companies who will in turn provide you with a quote for the work.

The quotes you will receive will be 100% free of charge and your information should not be passed onto any third parties.

To prepare yourself for evaluating quotes and eventually deciding on a firm to undertake the work, you might want to consider the doing the following:

  • Attempt to get a few boiler brochures or read the websites of popular boiler manufacturers first so you have an idea of prices for boiler manufacturers and their respective models so you know whether a quote you have received seems a fair price.
  • Be wary of paying a deposit until actual materials have been delivered to your house. You might want to consider retaining a small amount of the balance for any faults that might crop up after completion of the job should there be any initial major problems (which would be unlikely).
  • Be clear on where the pipes are to run and whether there is a requirement for them to be concealed. Remember the boiler installer may not necessarily be concerned about the aesthetic look of your installation so you should make it clear to them how you wish to have the end result look.
  • Make sure the installers leave your property in a clean and orderly way with no mess left or unnecessary noise during the install.