Get British Gas Plumbing and Drains Care

In addition to their established HomeCare central heating products British Gas now offer householders additional peace of mind for an often overlooked area of home maintenance that can have serious cost implications, with their Plumbing and Drains Care package.

Inevitably, problems of this nature only seem to occur or be discovered during evenings and weekends when we spend more time in the home, and when available plumbers may not only be difficult to locate but also when their time is charged at premium rates. Drainage problems are often particularly costly as repairs to underground pipework may require excavation in order to reach them before they can even be assessed or repaired properly.

British Gas are offering this cover for just £5.75 per month.

Many domestic plumbing problems occur during the winter months when a lack of appropriate insulation can contribute to pipework becoming damaged by cold weather, and in such conditions it is vital that problems be remedied as soon as possible in order to ensure that you and your family are kept warm and have access to hot water.

The British Gas Plumbing and Drains Care scheme provides the following benefits:

Unlimited call-outs plus plumbing parts and labour.
£1000 cover for drains.
Unblocking of internal waste pipes such as those connecting toilets, baths, showers and sinks.
Repair of internal waste pipes as per those detailes above.
Thorough inspection of your plumbing system every 2 years.
24 hour service with emergency plumbers on call.
Same day repairs wherever possible.
24/7 customer helpline.
Over 1000 expert plumbers and drainage engineers.
1 year guarantee on all repairs undertaken.
For a low monthly fee of just £5.75 it is now possible to cover your plumbing and drains against the kind of problems and domestic emergencies that can leave you paying significant call-out and labour charges to plumbers and drainage experts on top of the cost of repair materials. A full year of cover would be almost certain to cost less than a single callout for a simple problem!