Your Electricity Supply and How to Pay Less for it

pylonNow that the electricity supply industry has been opened up to allow competition, you have a choice of which company you want to supply you with electricity and you should never assume that your current provider is giving you the best deal.

Often overlooked, this is one of the easiest ways to make a significant saving on your bills and requires very little effort indeed. A free check can be found here and this simple system will allow you to see which how much money you could save by switching provider. It is worth noting that in MOST cases the cheapest supplier is NOT your current supplier!

The amount that you will save will vary and will depend on the amount of energy that you typically use. The gas supply industry is subject to the same competitive regulations and customers who switch both their gas and electricity supply to a new provider can save up to £200 per year.

Shopping around is easy and can save you a lot of money.

You may be surprised to learn that you can save money on your electricity bills without having any physical modifications whatsoever made to your electricity supply – you would simply be paying a different supplier less money for the same electricity to be delivered in the same way through the same supply cable into the same meter in your house! It really is that simple, and the savings are incredible – shocking in fact!

Further information can be found here, and this company will assist you with the switch free of charge if you decide to go ahead. You will most likely be amazed at how much over the odds you are currently paying for your energy!

Some suppliers even provide online account management and billing, and while this is not compulsory, it may result in additional savings.

The check is completely free of charge and with no obligation to switch whatsoever, though once you see what you would save, it is a very easy decision to make! See for yourself!