Double Glazing Payment Plan Options and How to Protect Yourself

Double glazing can be a large and expensive upgrade to your home’s insulation so you need to ensure that you take reasonable steps to cover yourself should you not be happy with the work that has been carried out or worse still if the work never gets carried out after you have made payment.

Pay with a credit card

Having double glazing installed can cost several thousand pounds so you want to make sure that your payment is covered if major problems occur with the work. If you pay with a credit card, under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, a credit card issuer is equally as liable as the double glazing company if there has been a breach of contract or the double glazing product has been misrepresented to you. This means if you are entitled to your money back but you are unable to get a satisfactory outcome from the double glazing company you will be able to turn to your credit card company to get you money back. This scenario also applies if you have taken out a finance agreement with the double glazing company such as Anglian or Safestyle but obviously it does not apply if you have arranged for payment yourself through a bank loan.

Paying several thousand pounds on a credit card may not be feasible for many people as some cards have fairly low credit limits so consider paying the deposit on your card if you aren’t able to pay the full amount.

An added benefit to paying on a credit card is that it will give you protection in the event that a double glazing company goes out of business without completing the installation. The Consumer Credit Act dictates that you can claim back the cost of the job from your credit card company as long as the amount claimed is more than £100 but less than £30,000.

Double glazing guarantee

As part of your double glazing installation you should receive a guarantee for the work done. This guarantee will be part of your contract and there will be stipulations denoting what work will be covered by the guarantee and over how many years the guarantee will last. Guarantees vary between double glazing companies and window manufacturers so it is worth you checking closely how long your windows guarantee will last and what is covered by the guarantee. Extended guarantees are guarantees that are often underwritten by an insurance company that give you more favourable guarantee conditions. The benefit if this is that it should cover you even if the double glazing company goes out of business.

Recommended double glazing company

If you are interested in getting double glazing for your home but you are unsure of where to start first, we would recommend that you apply for some quotes and spend some time online looking through the available products and styles available from the leading manufacturers and installers. This will give you an idea of the cost of your project and will also allow you to browse through the full range of double glazing on offer completely at your leisure.

We currently recommend Anglian Home Improvements for double glazing installations.

Get a free Anglian double glazing brochure or request a quote for double glazing on your home. This UK-wide company has been in operation for over 50 years and the standard of work is of a consistently high nature.