Recycle Your Old Windows and Get a Subsidy on Your New Double Glazing

If you are considering getting double glazing or upgrading your current double glazing you may be interested to hear that there is a windows scrappage scheme offered by Anglian that provides up to £2,000 off your double glazing bill if your existing windows are recycled by Anglian – this is in addition to an offer of at least 30% off windows.

You may have heard of similar propositions that are aimed at energy conservation such as the extremely popular boiler scrappage scheme which was a government funded scheme. Unfortunately, the government have not seen fit to introduce a funded scrappage scheme for windows even though there have been petitions to the government to do so. Last year over 4,000 people signed a petition to request that the government offer a windows scrappage scheme similar to the boiler scrappage scheme of a year or two ago.

It is perhaps unsurprising that the UK government are not prepared to commit funds to a windows scrappage scheme given the current economically austere times we are in so it has been left to the private sector to introduce their own windows scrappage schemes – this is where Anglian come in.

At the end of 2010 Anglian reported that 35,000 people had taken advantage of their windows scrappage scheme offer which amounted to a total customer saving of £65 million on their new double glazing.

By installing new double glazing under the Anglian Scrappage Scheme you could save up to £3000 and also 18% of your energy costs due to the increased insulation the double glazing offers if your home is not currently insulated. In addition, double glazing will provide a reduction by 10% of any harmful emissions being emitted through the house into the atmosphere, so not only would you save money on your energy bills you would also be helping the environment by getting energy efficient windows installed.

Anglian will also remove and recycle your existing windows under the windows scrappage scheme. Anglian will break down old windows into component parts and recycle according to material type. UPVC can often be ground up, removed of any impurities and sometimes can be made into other products.

If you are interested in getting £3,000 off a double glazing installation as well as a 30% price reduction contact Anglian for a quote. Just complete the short online form and you will be contacted with a quote for the products.

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Getting a quote for your double glazing installation:

If you are interested in getting double glazing for your home but you are unsure of where to start first, we would recommend that you apply for some quotes and spend some time online looking through the available products and styles available from the leading manufacturers and installers. This will give you an idea of the cost of your project and will also allow you to browse through the full range of double glazing on offer completely at your leisure.

We currently recommend Anglian Home Improvements for double glazing installations.

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