Replace a Garage Door

home-improvement-projectsThere are a wide range of types of garage doors on the market ranging from different sizes, materials and the way in which they are opened or hanged from the garage.

The main types of garage doors are:

Traditional hinged garage doors

The traditional hinged garage door type is typically made from wood and is often sold as a package with new windows. They hang on each side of the garage door opening using heavyweight hinges and open outwards. Due to the nature of the timber it is recommended that they are painted regularly over time, however, they will have a tendency to weaken over time and can succumb to wet rot. On the other hand, these types of garage doors are arguably the most aesthetically attractive to look at.

Up and over garage doors

Up and over garage doors are the most popular modern choice of garage doors. It is manufactured as a single panel in a wide variety of styles and it opened by lifting upwards and backwards to clear the garage opening. Depending on the space required you can opt to get an up and over garage door that will retract fully into the garage or opt to have an up and over that juts out partly from the doorframe when fully opened – the latter option is known as a canopy up and over garage door.

Roller garage doors

The roller garage door type is meant for people who do not have a great deal of space and cannot opt for an up and over door. To open a roller garage door, you would need to activate the rolling mechanism which rolls the garage door up into an overhang drum. Roller doors are usually made from lightweight material such as aluminium and are a good choice if space is tight.

Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors are closely related to roller doors in that they are stored overhead when opened. The sectional door consists of hinged horizontal sections that run on wheels on a continuous track from vertical to horizontal. Again, this is a good option if space is limited.

Automatic or electric garage doors

An automated or electric garage door opening system can be fitted to most of the different types of garage door and uses a handheld remote control transmitter which is operated from within the car to mechanically open the garage door on your behalf. Each remote control will be set to a particular code and frequency so that you’re remote will only open your garage door and not that of your neighbours’! As well as a remote control to operate the door it is common to have a garage wall unit and an override function should any of the automated units develop a fault. Automatic garage doors will also have safety precautions built in so that if an obstacle comes into contact with the door in operation, the system will automatically reverse the opening/closing operation. Electric garage doors are an increasing popular choice and are not as expensive as you might expect.

Garage door materials

There are four main types of material used for garage doors; plastic, wood, steel and aluminium. Each type has its individual plus points and negative points. Wood or timber garage doors can look beautiful but they will be subject to regular maintenance and will not last as long as other garage door materials. Steel garage doors are the most popular option as they are strong and long lasting. They can come in reinforced varieties in a number of different colours and styles. Aluminium garage doors are not used as extensively as it can easily dent, however, it is a very lightweight option so maybe a good choice for people who are choosing to manually pull the garage door up and down. Finally, plastic is another hard wearing option and can be reinforced with steel. Plastic garage doors are lightweight and will not corrode or rot and are less likely to scratch or get dents when compared to metal garage door options. Again, plastic garage doors can be purchased in a variety of different styles and colours to suit your circumstances.

Getting a quote for garage doors

You should aim to obtain at least three different quotes for garage doors and ask the specialist garage door suppliers and installers to describe what will be included in fine detail. The clearer your requirements, the more accurate your quote will be.

If you receive a range of quotes that vary wildly in price for the same product it is worth contacting the more expensive companies and requesting whether they will be prepared to beat your best quote.

When choosing which garage door option to accept you should take into account the following factors:

  • Will the type of garage door suit my house and the surrounding houses?
  • Take into account the different types of garage door materials and styles on offer and tailor them to your needs.
  • If you are opting for an electric garage door you should discuss with the garage door company the power of the motor that is required to drive the garage door opening and closing mechanism.
  • This will be determined by the choice of garage door material chosen, the way in which the door opens and closes and the weight of the door itself.
  • Choose the best garage door option based on the space you have available.
  • Check what safety mechanisms are built into the garage door. This is particularly important for electric garage doors.