Digital TV Packages from BT

BT Vision is a revolutionary new High Definition service that combines both terrestrial digital television and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), which is a system of transmitting programming over your domestic broadband line. As part of the BT Vision package you will received a BT V-Box which acts as a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) Freeview receiver with built in 160GB hard drive with dual tuner and through your BT broadband line you will be able to download selected TV programmes or films directly onto your V-Box for viewing on your television.

How does BT Vision work?

BT Vision is a hybrid of standard Freeview technology and IPTV that incorporates High Definition programming. In order to use BT Vision you will require a Vision + Box, which BT will supply, you will need to subscribe to BT broadband (if you don’t already) and finally a BT Home Hub will be needed so that the IPTV broadcasts can be routed to the Vision + Box.

This may sound very technical and the protocol behind the IPTV system is very complicated, but you will not need to be at all technical to take advantage of a service which is essentially a Freeview PVR integrated with a broadband line. If you choose to purchase BT Vision a BT engineer will install the system for you in its entirety.

BT Vision costs and benefits

When you choose to purchase BT Vision you will receive the Vision + Box (integrated IPTV and dual tuner Freeview receiver with a 160GB hard drive worth £199) free of charge. If you don’t already have BT broadband you will need to get this along with a BT Home Hub (the BT Home Hub is offered free of charge with many BT broadband packages!). Once your BT Vision has been ordered you can subscribe to whichever packages you require or alternatively choose to subscribe to nothing if you don’t want to pay for any programming – there are no mandatory subscription packages on BT Vision.

A great advantage to this service is the flexibility it affords and as it is being run by BT you can be assured that new channels and features will be added to the service. Basically you can choose to pay for whatever programming you want. There is no mandatory subscription periods so you can choose what options you want to pay for and watch them whenever you want to.

The Vision + Box is also HD capable so you will receive an HD capable digital receiver with hard drive free of charge! If you are an existing BT broadband subscriber, the benefits of this service both in terms of cost and functionality are excellent and well worth considering.

For pricing information please see the link below.There is a lot of competition between digital television service providers, so rather than provide you with outdated information this link will take you directly to the appropriate page on the BT website.

What channels can I receive on BT Vision?

You will receive all the standard Freeview television and radio channels on offer free of charge (over 70 different channels) and you can optionally choose to subscribe to additional packages through the IPTV function if and when you want to view them.

BT arrange their channels into related packages, of which there are currently four: Film Club, Vision Sports, Kids & Music.

Depending on the subscription package option that you choose, you can select from between 2 and 4 of these packages.

BT Vision sign-up

To get the BT Vision service you will need –

BT broadband (more info here)
BT Home Hub (free with BT broadband)
Click here for more information or to sign up for BT Vision