Mini Wind Turbines For Domestic Usage

The use of mini wind turbines on domestic properties can not only help the environment in reducing carbon emissions, it can also help to save you money on your electricity bills.

The traditional image of a wind turbine is that of a colossal turbine or bank of turbines that can arguably affect local wildlife and provide some degree of noise pollution. However, this is not the case with mini wind turbines.

For approximately £750 one can purchase a mini wind turbine, which can be housed upon the roof of your dwelling. The mini wind turbine would be typically 3ft by 2ft in size and the three blades would be housed in a sealed box. The mini wind turbine system would tap into the mains electricity supply and does not need batteries to store the electricity. What many people would consider is one of the greatest selling points is that you can obtain a mini wind turbine that is totally silent when operational.

Unfortunately, reports suggest that homeowners are not keen to incorporate mini wind turbine technology into their homes. Indeed, a recent survey by Linden Homes stated that only one in eight homeowners was prepared to install a mini wind turbine on their roof. This is despite the relatively low cost of the unit itself and the fact that the mini wind turbine solutions could save the homeowner up to £200 a year on their electricity bills. More encouragingly 40% have said that they may consider the technology in the future.

An important aspect towards the uptake of domestic mini wind turbines is for the UK Government to support the scheme in the form of subsidies for take up of the devices. One leading company in the field has a mini wind turbine device that will phone back each quarter the amount of energy that has been generated and depending on how much energy has been produced, the UK Government will provide a subsidy back to the owner of the device.

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