Infomation on the Various Types of Gas Appliances

Gas fires

gasburnerThese can be split into 3 main categories:

  • Radiant

In this type of gas fire the fireback is heated and the heat then radiates from the fireback.

  • Convector

This type of gas fire works by supplying heat in the form of convection – moving heated air around the room.

  • Decorative

This type of gas fire is designed as a feature rather than a heat source and would be used in a centrally heated environment to provide an attractive ‘living flame’ type fire.

If you are looking to install or replace a gas fire, a specialist retailer or installer would be able to advise you as to which would be most suitable for you. All gas installation work must be undertaken by a Gas Safe registered installler.

Gas hobs

Most professional chefs prefer cooking on gas hobs as they claim that they are faster to react to changes in temperature. Newer hobs comprise a range of different sized burners enabling you to use the correct size and output of burner for the size of pan that you are using and some hobs even include high-output wok burners, allowing you to generate the high temperatures required for wok cooking in your own home.

Almost all gas hobs these days use piezo ignition, which fires a spark to light the burners at the push of a button – there is no need to light the burner manually using matches or lighters and so this is much safer and much more convenient.

Gas ovens

Your choice of oven may be a simple case of personal preference but gas and electric ovens both have their pros and cons. In a gas oven, moisture is produced as part of the combustion process and this makes gas ovens better for tasks such as baking bread and for cooking roasts.

Most professional kitchens use gas ovens but electric ovens generally hold their temperature more accurately and so pastry chefs and anyone doing a lot of baking may with to consider an electric oven instead. Fan assisted gas ovens cook faster and more evenly.

Dual Fuel cookers

It is now possible to purchase ‘dual fuel’ cookers that allow you to use both gas and electricity as well as the more usual all gas or all electric units and so it is highly likely that you will be able to find a model with a gas hob and an electric oven or an electric hob and a gas oven giving you the best of both worlds rather than being a compromise.