Top Up TV

Freeview, plus subscription-based premium channel options

Top Up TV works on the same premise of Freeview, in that you receive digital television and radio channels through your TV aerial via a set top box into your television, however, Top Up TV Anytime offer a specific product that encompasses a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) set top box along with a larger list of subscription based premium digital TV channels (an extra 19 channels) and the option of automatically downloading programs onto the hard drive of the PVR box.

How does Top Up TV Anytime work?

top up tv box

When you decide to purchase Top Up TV Anytime you will receive a Thomson Personal Video Recorder at a cost of £139.99 which will include a 160 GB hard drive and this will allow over 100 hours of television broadcasts to be downloaded to the box, whilst an extra 20 hours of recording time is set aside for you to record your own programming. In addition you will need to pay a £9.90 monthly subscription for programming.

The difference between the Top Up TV Anytime PVR box and a Freeview PVR is that the Top Up TV Anytime is set to automatically record programmes overnight to the hard disk in the PVR for you to watch at your convenience later on. The reasoning behind this is that it is cheaper to broadcast programmes overnight than it is at peak time, so the savings can be passed onto the Top Up TV Anytime users.

The Top Up TV Anytime PVR includes a 14 day programmable Electronic Program Guide (EPG) so that you can program which shows or films you would like to be scheduled for download with the added bonus that you pause, rewind or fast forward through advertisement breaks!

Top Up TV Anytime Channels

As well as being able to access all the Freeview channels listed at here Top Up TV Anytime has access to the following premium channels for a £9.99 monthly subscription fee -

Living TV
Paramount Comedy
Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network Too
Disney Channel
Animal Planet
Discovery Factual
Life & Times
UKTV Style
Discovery Lifestyle

For an additional small fee you can also access Setanta Sports and Top Up TV Anytime's own movie channel Picture Box.

Top Up TV Anytime Ordering

Top Up TV Anytime takes the simplicity of Freeview and mixes it with more premium content that could only previously be accessible via Sky or cable television.

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