Boiler Maintenance

As we’ve now hit October and the weather has started to well and truly take a turn for the worse, we’re all going to start turning up the dial on the central heating controls and as I have credit crunchitis I’m predicting an impending sky high fuel bill and quite possibly a broken boiler.

It seems that whenever Christmas draws near I can expect a visit not only from Santa, but also from a boiler repairman – at least for the previous two winters anyway. Last winter our household had finally had enough so we took out a boiler maintenance plan. You can read my British Gas HomeCare review in our brand new “boilers” section of the site.

If you’ve got a temperamental boiler the HomeCare plans are pretty reasonable value. We chose the Homecare 100 plan, which happens to be the cheapest of the range, but according to British Gas the most popular boiler cover plan is the HomeCare 200. We’ve listed the full range of British Gas HomeCare plans so take a look and see what you think. You won’t appreciate the piece of mind it gives you by having a reputable boiler maintenance plan unless you’ve had to deal with a (number) of cowboy engineers tutting loudly over a broken appliance while you stand freezing cold in your kitchen…

For the less serious boiler problems we have put together a boiler troubleshooting page to help diagnose and potentially remedy the more common faults, which may occur with your boiler. However, please note that we cannot more strongly recommend that you seek professional advice if you encounter a problem with your boiler. They are extremely dangerous pieces of equipment that CORGI registered engineers should maintain on your behalf.

Finally, if your boiler is beyond repair we’ve written guides on what types of boiler you should consider buying as well as the aspects that should be taken into account when you are seeking to have your new boiler installed.

HYmini Portable Wind Powered Charger

Forget having a flat battery because the Hymini portable wind powered charger is able to charge a multitude of devices such as iPods, mobile phones, cameras, and most other portable electronic devices on the market today solely by harnessing wind power.

The novel aspect of the HYmini charger is that it is wind powered which is in contrast to the numerous solar powered chargers on the market. Based on the typical weather in the UK, the HYmini device should be a particularly appealing device!

The HYmini portable wind powered charger currently comes in three attractive colours and accessories such as bike straps, or bespoke adaptors can be purchases as necessary.

It is only necessary to have a light breeze to begin charging via the HYmini so if you are out and about during the day you can be charging your electrical gadget simply by walking or riding. Alternatively, leaving the HYmini charger out of an evening should produce a full charge ready for the next day’s activities. As a useful backup, you are also able to plug the HYmini charger directly into the mains electricity if required.

Contained in your HYmini portable wind powered charger pack you will get the following items:

  • 1 x HYmini Portable power bank
  • USB transfer cable and 6 connectors for Nokia / Motorola / Sony Ericsson / Samsung / LG
  • AC/DC power adaptor and wall plug

The HYmini is a perfect choice if you are an outdoors person and is the ideal camping companion.



Christmas Eco Gifts For All The Family

As you are no doubt aware Christmas is looming large, which usually means the buying of a large selection of consumer goods for members of family that will never use them.

Well fear no more because you could actually buy a gift that would be used regularly and what’s more it would be eco-friendly. There are a number of retailers that are going green, but two that I could recommend as having a wide range of eco-friendly items available are Ethical Homeware and Nigel’s Eco Store.

I’m usually a sucker for gadgets myself so I’d be delighted with most of the gadgets on offer at these two shops. In particular, a Sun Jar or Moon Jar and/or Glow Brick would be a very popular addition to my household. Take a look and buy yourself or your loved one an eco gift for Christmas.