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Consumer Utility Services have teamed up with the independent and unbiased consumer reviews company Which? to provide readers with a very special offer on Which? consumer product review reports. You will gain access to 1,000's of product reviews and 3 years' worth of online review archives for only £1 for the first month. If you decide not to continue with your Which? subscription you can cancel at any time as there is no fixed term contract.

We have categorised each of the consumer review reports into handy sections ranging from audio product reviews, through to heating, plumbing and energy reviews. The full list of categories you can choose from is:

Audio Product Reviews
Baby Product Reviews
Broadband Reviews
Camcorder Reviews
Computer Products Reviews
Digital Camera Reviews
Electrical Appliance Reviews
Heating, Plumbing and Energy Reviews
Phone Reviews
TV and DVD Reviews

We are constantly adding new consumer reviews sections so be sure to check back often.

About Which?

Which? have been working for consumers on a number of different levels for over 50 years. They lead consumer campaigns, offer legal services for consumers, offer advice on a huge range of subjects and provide the most thorough consumer product tests on the market.
If you subscribe to a Which? review report you can be guaranteed that months if not years of extremely thorough and independent testing has been conducted to provide the results and by buying or subscribing to a product or service that bears the Which "best buy" logo you can be sure that the purchase will be of the very highest quality.

Examples of Which? product testing

Each product or service tested by Which? is subject to tens if not hundreds of different tests which are recorded and collated to provide an overall score. Some of the more extreme individual tests used are:

- All digital radio reviewers listened to 136 music and speech tracks per model reviewed.
- 2,000 hours of music was listened to as part of the MP3 player’s tests.
- Child car seats are tested by using crash test dummies in car crash simulation machines.
- Each child stair gate was flexed 10,000 times to simulate wear and tear.
- Camcorders were run for 84 hours to test battery life.
- During the boilers review test, each boiler was switched on 2,920 times (for combi boilers the figure is even higher) and run on full power for 5 minutes.

Trial Which? for only £1

You could gain access to the full range of Which? consumer reports for just £1. If you decide not to continue with your Which? subscription you can cancel at any time as there is no fixed term contract. Therefore, you can get access to the full range of reviews for £1 only if you choose to cancel within the first month.